Bursary Winners Announced: Meet the next generation of small charity fundraising leaders 

We are delighted to announce that the latest round of bursaries towards the FSI’s accredited Introduction to Fundraising Practice qualification have been awarded!  

The winners, selected from charities with a turnover under £100,000, are: 

Winners were chosen because their applications demonstrated a passion to make a difference to their charity through fundraising; an innovative, creative & entrepreneurial approach; and an appreciation for learning and sharing knowledge. Congratulations to all those who have been selected! 

What is the bursary for? 

The bursary gives fundraisers in small charities access to the FSI’s accredited Introduction to Fundraising Practice qualification, a comprehensive introduction to key fundraising concepts and skills. The bursary covers 80% of the usual £360 cost, with 40% being funded from DCMS, and 40% from the generous supporters of the FSI. This unique opportunity to receive a fully accredited qualification for just £72 enables small charity staff and trustees to access high-quality training across all areas of fundraising. In turn, this better supports the future sustainability of their organisations. 

What is the need for fundraising qualifications? 

Our 2017 Small Charity Skills Survey report demonstrates that 61% of small charities cite a lack of funding for training and development as a cause of major skills gaps in their organisations: small charities continue to face fundraising challenges and growing demand for services. The FSI’s mission is to provide vital upskilling and training to meet these challenges. 

“I’m really looking forward to supporting our latest group of bursary students and bringing them into our growing group of accredited learners from across the country. We developed the qualification with the SQA to ensure that those fundraising within a small charity had access to professional personal development, which in turn promotes excellence in fundraising and creates sustainability within the small charity sector.” 

Amber Shotton, Head of Accredited Learning 

“Fundraising is a key skill for all charities, but as Chair of Trustees for the Tithe Barn Trust, a small charity, I feel it’s even more important. We have a fantastic team of Trustees with wide ranging skills and experience, but none from a Fundraising background. This bursary will not only enable my personal development and learning, but it will ensure that we have the knowledge to develop our Fundraising strategy and ensure the future sustainability of the Tithe Barn Trust.” 

Gemma O’Shea, Chair of Tithe Barn Trust, bursary recipient 

Applications for bursaries re-open later this month for organisations with an annual turnover below £100,000. Keep an eye out for more information about how you can apply on our website and social media, or join our bursary mailing list. 

Ellie Lynch is a Project Officer for the Policy & Special Projects team at the FSI.