Case Study: Equal Arts Centre

Case Study: Equal Arts Centre

Equal Arts Centre are a leading creative ageing charity supporting older people and those living with dementia in Gateshead, Newcastle and across the UK.

They work to improve the lives of older people through creativity. Their arts activities around the country provide creative opportunities to help improve people’s wellbeing.

Equal Arts Centre are long-standing members of the FSI who have accessed a range on fundraising training and advice.

Through the FSI and Localgiving’s partnership, Equal Arts Centre were able to join Localgiving free of charge in October 2016, benefitting not only from the online donation platform but also access to expert training and advice and the opportunity to secure match funds through Localgiving initiatives.

In the last 12 months they have raised £2,186, including £1,025 of Localgiving Match funding.

The challenge

At the time of signing up to the free Localgiving trial, Equal Arts were in the process of implementing a new Individual Giving Programme, which also involved the creation of a database of supporters and an engagement plan. Whilst they could accept donations online, their giving page had a lot of friction which often put people off from completing the full process, resulting in less donations.

How we helped

Equal Arts joined Localgiving via the FSI’s free membership offer in October 2016, accessing useful and informative webinars in ‘event fundraising’ ‘how to be a fundraiser for your own charity or group’ and ‘how to support your fundraisers.

Equal Arts were also able to participate in Localgiving’s Grow Your Tenner campaign and the Small Charity Week match fund.

The benefits

In the 12 months since joining, Equal Arts have raised £2,186, including £1,025 of Localgiving Match funding.

In addition to increasing cash and donor figures and being able to accept donations immediately, there was also the option to send personal thank-you messages to donors which streamlined administration time and added a personal touch to communications.

“Localgiving’s platform made the processing of online donations extremely easy, and the support and advice on how best to promote the matched funding opportunities and target/steward supporters was very useful.

There were regular updates and reminders, plus the added incentive of matched funds, which benefited our donor acquisition and lower level giving – especially where people questioned whether the small amount they chose to give would actually make a difference. Feedback from supporters showed that many donors wished to donate larger amounts which could be matched.

We would recommend Localgiving membership to other FSI members”

FSI members can join Localgiving free of charge. Usually a £96, you can take advantage of their free membership offer now and sign up here, using the code FSI2017 to claim your first year’s membership, 100% free.