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Getting Into The Mindset of Embracing Digital

It is a well-known fact within the consumer market that consumers have different kinds of habits when it comes to adapting new products and services. Some are enthusiasts and early adaptors who are always willing to find the latest things and embrace innovation. Others might wait a bit to see whether the latest thing is a fad or fabulous. To some, the process of changing ... Read more »

Six tips to boost your online donations

Ben May, Marketing Manager, Charities, CAF Fundraising for a small charity is hard work. I don’t have to tell you that. Non-existent fundraising budgets, lack of expertise and lack of time, can make you feel that you’re missing out on opportunities to raise more from your donors. That’s why it’s so important that you make the most of the fundraising activities you are committed to ... Read more »

Your quarterly update from the Business Development team

Hoping you have all had an ‘egg-celent’ Easter (no prizes for bad puns here!).  Welcome to our latest update from the FSI’s consultancy and qualifications team.  We’ve been out and about as ever the last few months, working with charities of all sizes and some public and private sector clients too.  Some of the team’s highlights include: Partnering with Superhighways and Media Trust on their ... Read more »

Have you wondered if you need to make your charity a safer place?

Have you wondered if you need to make your charity a safer place? Have you found useful advice or just confusion? The Safer Social Sector Partnership (SSSP) are working to improve the information available when you want to take steps. For the partnership, “Safer” covers child protection; supporting vulnerable adults; #metoo culture; how people can make complaints and other related subjects. SSSP partners, Neontribe and Crocstar, would ... Read more »

The NCSC Cyber Breaches Survey 2019

It’s welcome news that more charities than before have taken positive steps to improve their cyber security, according to the Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019[1]. Since launching the Cyber Security: Small Charity Guide in March 2018, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has worked in close partnership with bodies across the sector. Together we are working to raise awareness about the cyber crime threat and ... Read more »

My first all-party parliamentary group on charities and volunteering

Diversity in charities: the role of governance and leadership   ‘Diversity is being invited to the party – inclusion is being asked to dance’ Tracey Lazard, Speaker, Inclusion London ‘Each speaker will have five minutes to speak. No hesitation, repetition or deviation, please’. Thus began the meeting’s Chair, Lord Harris, in a jocular tone that was indeed evocative of Nicholas Parsons. After these informal opening ... Read more »

Bursaries available for the FSI’s new e-learning course: Legacy Fundraising

This week, the FSI launched the findings of its biennial Skills Gap report, looking at the areas small charities have identified as needing most upskilling for their organisation. Top among these in fundraising is legacy fundraising, an area with huge potential for small charities to secure transformational gifts. We know however that the longer turnarounds and lack of confidence in legacy fundraising means this is ... Read more »

Your quarterly update from the Business Development team

It’s hard to believe we are at the end of January already – 2019 has certainly got off to a busy start for our development team!  In the last few months we’ve: Been out and about speaking at various events including the Charities Finance Group ‘Alternative Finance Conference’ and the FSI’s Fundraising Conference on diversifying income and building sustainability; Delivered some fantastic projects with consultancy ... Read more »

Highlight your charity’s impact to win an award and a fantastic prize package for your charity!

Highlight your charity’s impact to win an award and a fantastic prize package for your charity! With charities of all sizes facing greater challenges than ever, it’s essential that organisations are consistently and effectively measuring their impact and telling their story. NCVO’s recent ‘The Road Ahead’ report told us that charities should prepare themselves for the challenges of 2019, where we are faced with the ... Read more »

Call for Speakers: Fundraising Conference 2019 

The FSI is pleased to open a call for speakers for our Fundraising Conference in Small Charity Week, June 2019. What is the Fundraising Conference?  The FSI’s annual Fundraising Conference is one of the highlights of our calendar and of Small Charity Week, offering over 200 small charities access to inspiring speakers and expert fundraisers on a range of subjects. The programme is shaped in ... Read more »