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Lessons learned on Zoom

We’ve now delivered several days of consultancy and training entirely remotely and we’ve learned a lot through trial and error during these weeks! We thought we’d share with you a few of our top tips for running training, meetings and events remotely. You might also want to check out our Commercial Director Janine’s blog on virtual trustee meetings here. Make sure you’ve got the right ... Read more »

Applications for the Aviva Community Fund are now open, with important changes to criteria in response to COVID-19

                        In January, we announced a number of changes to our refreshed Aviva Community Fund. The programme now offers quarterly funding and year-round support to causes that are having a positive impact all across the UK. Another big change is our partnership with Crowdfunder, which equips small charities  with the online crowdfunding skills they ... Read more »

The FSI Transition to Working From Home

Transitioning the FSI team from an office to working from home Tips for other small charities  As the news of Covid-19 hit the UK, I must admit I was thankful that we took the decision more than three years ago to move to a more cloud-based operational model. This included moving our shared digital files to SharePoint (thanks to Microsoft and its free access to charities) and to utilise cloud-based programmes such as our project management tool ... Read more »

Making Virtual Meetings Work for Charity Trustees 

With the emerging challenges of coronavirus and working remotely, many trustee boards are considering virtual meetings as an alternative to face-to-face.  The Charity Commission has guidance on remote meetings in their publication CC48: Charities and meetings and has recently issued new guidance specifically in relation to cornonavirus.  Unless your governing document expressly excludes it, you most likely can meet virtually in order to meet your ... Read more »

Your Charity’s Strategy: Reflecting and Refreshing

Continuing our popular breakfast and networking In Conversation Series, we were joined at our recent event by colleagues representing the full spectrum of the UK’s charities. Many are facing all too familiar and similar challenges of how they will be able to devote the time and resources needed to develop a strategy for their future. We heard from Diana Crowe, Head of Services at MS-UK ... Read more »

Strategy into Action: Implementing Fundraising Strategies

In our dynamic, ever-changing sector, there is one constant, whether your charity is well-established or still in the fledgling stage: our organisations need to be constantly thinking about how we raise funds. At our recent In Conversation event, we were joined by colleagues from charities from across the spectrum: one member’s charity had been established for over 130 years, while another was only 3 weeks ... Read more »

3 important charity insurance checks for non-experts

                    It’s vital that you consider some important charity insurance checks for your charity. If you’ve been renewing your charity’s insurance over and over for the last few years, a review is most likely well overdue. However, chances are you’re no insurance expert, so how can you do it justice without having the specific knowledge? Here ... Read more »

Your quarterly update from the Business Development team

It’s hard to believe we are at the end of January already – 2019 has certainly got off to a busy start for our development team!  In the last few months we’ve: Been out and about speaking at various events including the Charities Finance Group ‘Alternative Finance Conference’ and the FSI’s Fundraising Conference on diversifying income and building sustainability; Delivered some fantastic projects with consultancy ... Read more »

Highlight your charity’s impact to win an award and a fantastic prize package for your charity!

Highlight your charity’s impact to win an award and a fantastic prize package for your charity! With charities of all sizes facing greater challenges than ever, it’s essential that organisations are consistently and effectively measuring their impact and telling their story. NCVO’s recent ‘The Road Ahead’ report told us that charities should prepare themselves for the challenges of 2019, where we are faced with the ... Read more »

Call for Speakers: Fundraising Conference 2019 

The FSI is pleased to open a call for speakers for our Fundraising Conference in Small Charity Week, June 2019. What is the Fundraising Conference?  The FSI’s annual Fundraising Conference is one of the highlights of our calendar and of Small Charity Week, offering over 200 small charities access to inspiring speakers and expert fundraisers on a range of subjects. The programme is shaped in ... Read more »