Who we are

Our Purpose

Our Vision: A world filled with independent, effective and accountable charities with the belief, passion and capacity to achieve their vision.

Our Mission: To build and share knowledge, to elevate the voice of small charities with policy makers and the public, to build leadership in small charities and to support small charities to raise vital funds to meet the needs of their beneficiaries.

Our Values: Empathy; Energy; Excellence; Persistence and a Sense of the Possible

Our People

Each member of the team is passionate about the work of small charities

The atmosphere here is amazing, we are continually inspired by each and every small charity we come across, and we come across thousands of you each year.  Your dedication, passion, commitment and enthusiasm for the individuals, families, communities and causes you support simply blows us away.

Our Founders

Our Team


FSI Associate Consultants


The Foundation for Social Improvement. 68 Lombard Street. London.EC3V 9LJ

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Pauline Broomhead,CBE