Founding Visionary and Philanthropist

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Emma Harrison CBE is passionate about improving people’s lives and unlocking the human potential of individuals.  Emma’s inherent entrepreneurial skills led her to the conclusion that she could support some individuals to improve their lives but if she truly wanted to make a significant impact on the lives of millions then the way forward was to unlock the potential of small charities.

Ensuring that small charities are able to work faster, better and leaner; to find solutions that will last; and transform lives and communities around the globe had to be the entrepreneurial solution.

Emma’s passion isn’t focused on one issue or cause, her passion, like all entrepreneurs is to ‘change the world’.  Her experience of travelling through India as a young woman and seeing people living in poverty, being involved with many charities both local and national (Emma was Chairman of the NSPCC Regional Full Stop Campaign and is heavily involved in supporting local charities in Derbyshire) means she is passionate about a whole range of causes be that that greening the planet, reducing poverty, or homing the homeless.  How could she achieve her vision?  By supporting one charity alone she could not, but if she created one charity that helps all small charities, that was potentially a solution.

What began as her vision to improve people’s lives has grown into the Foundation for Social Improvement, a charity that is committed to supporting small charities and community groups to realize their full potential.  Why?  Because the best we can do is to work together, work to give those who support  children, young people, families, communities or causes, the chance to be the best they can be and achieve the most they possibly can.

Emma’s fervent hope is that if you too want to ‘change the world’  through supporting small charities to be the best they can be, you join her on what has become the most important journey of her life.

Founding Architect and CEO

Pauline Broomhead CBE is passionate about small charities and community groups, more importantly she is Pauline 2passionate about enabling them to fulfil their potential and increase the grass roots support they give to millions of individuals in the UK and across the globe.  Pauline believes that they play a significant role in changing the world; they are the ‘glue that holds society together’.  Therefore when Emma shared her dream of creating a charity that supported other charities it seemed that their meeting was simply meant to be.

The belief that society’s problems require everyone to do whatever they can, provides the drive to build the FSI to deliver free or heavily subsidised support to the small charity sector in the UK.  At the same time the FSI keeps itself mission focused, efficient, effective and open to constant change in order to meet the changing needs of its now almost 6000 members.

I have always thought that the following is a perfect way of describing the spirit behind small charities:

 “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world.  Indeed it is the only thing that ever has (Margaret Mead)  lies at the centre of the FSI philosophy.

We are completely committed to delivering the vision of the FSI, supported by a dedicated Board of Trustees,  FSI Team and FSI donors and supporters who all come together to ensure that small and local charities and community groups receive the best support possible.