Charity Advice Hub

Launched on Big Advice Day (20th June) in Small Charity Week 2017

The small and local charities and community group sector is hugely diverse and far reaching in their range and scope.  They play an important part in wider society where many are rooted in their communities and have key roles in building and nurturing the most disadvantaged and they are uniquely placed to engage with the hardest to reach.  Our members are reporting a 91% increase in demand for services since June 2013.

The Advice Hub will be open to our members, who have an annual turnover under £100,000 on 1st September 2017.  The full Pilot will run until the end of 2017. From January 2018 the Advice Hub will be open to all FSI members. (If you are a member of the FSI and your charity has a turnover over £100,000 please book through the normal system – see below.)

1 x 10 = 974 – no didn’t get the math wrong on one day Big Advice Day we delivered 974 hours of free advice to small, local and international charities and community groups across 10 Hubs – our London Hub at City Hall delivered 416 hours.  Watch the video and see volunteers giving advice – it could be you next year but in the meantime why not volunteer to be part of our Volunteer Advice Hub, giving advice from the comfort of your own home or office.