London November 2017 (21st-23rd)

Training in London: 21st – 23rd November 2017

Our next event in London will offer 300 delegate training places so that all small charities, wherever they are, can access the skills they need to become self sustaining.

Training sessions cover a wide range of fundraising techniques, as well as back office skills, governance, strategy and impact, delivered by experienced and knowledgeable trainers.  Each course has a market value of £300, course places are heavily subsidised and donated to small charities by the sponsors, donors, funders and Trustees of the FSI.

  • Venue: Amnesty International UK, Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London EC2A 3EA
  • Date: 21st – 23rd November 2017
  • Time: 9.30am-4.30pm (registration from 9.15am)
  • Cost: Full Day Training Courses have an average market value of £300 but are delivered to our members for £15. To secure a place you will be required to pay a £50 deposit but on attendance and after completing the full day training course £35 will be refunded to youRetained fees contribute to booking and administration.  Deposits will not be returned in cases of partial attendance.

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  • Major Donor Fundraising

    Full day course, 21st November, London Major Donor fundraising is the fastest growing area of new income for charities in the UK and internationally. Major Donor fundraising is all about building and nurturing relationships with individuals, so that they want …read more and book

  • Demonstrating Your Impact

    Full day course, 21st November, London Effectively demonstrating your impact to your key stakeholders such as donors, grant makers, partners, trustees, media and staff is essential for securing ongoing support for your work. Making a difference to the lives of …read more and book

  • Fundraising from Trusts & Foundations

    Full day course, 21st November, London With an estimated 9,000 independent trusts and foundations in the UK giving £2 billion in grants each year they are a prime source of funding for your charity. However, it is absolutely vital that …read more and book

  • Trustee Role in Fundraising

    Half day course, AM, 21st November, London One of the key strategic responsibilities of the Trustee Board is to ensure that the charity has sufficient resources to pursue its aims and objectives. This responsibility requires Trustees to take an active interest …read more and book

  • An introduction to online fundraising and crowdfunding

    Half day course, AM, 21st November, London The Internet is now used daily by 82% of adults in the UK and online fundraising is continuing to grow as an income channel for charities. This course, delivered by Localgiving, will provide …read more and book

  • Good Governance: Effective Trustee Boards

    Half day course, PM, 21st November, London Is passion enough? An active, involved and well-trained trustee board is essential for the success of any small charity. This course will look at how to key legal duties and responsibilities of trustees …read more and book

  • Engaging with Online fundraisers & Influencers

    Half day course, PM, 21st November, London This training will discuss why social media is important and how to identify supporters online. The training will also explain how you can discover new networks and drive engagement with your online donation …read more and book

  • Developing Your Fundraising Strategy

    Full day course, 22nd November, London A comprehensive and effective fundraising strategy is at the core of sustainability for any charity.  Taking a strategic approach to fundraising will help ensure that your charity has a mixed income approach which focuses energy …read more and book

  • Preparing Major Grant Applications and Tenders Successfully

    Full day course, 22nd November, London Both central and local government have moved away from grant-making to commissioning services. This course provides an overview of the expectations of public sector funders and outlines best practice in bidding to the public …read more and book

  • Project Management

    Full day course, 22nd November, London Efficient project management need not be an overwhelming process, this course provides an introduction to practical tools your charity can use to plan projects, set them up and keep them on track. Target Audience …read more and book

  • Developing Community Fundraising

    Full day course, 22nd November, London Community fundraising is large audience, lower return fundraising but they do bring many other benefits to the organization e.g. supporter and volunteer recruitment, awareness raising and keeping a profile locally. The course will empower …read more and book

  • Developing Your Earned Income – Enterprise Your Mission

    Full day course, 22nd November, London It is increasingly important in today’s economic climate to maximise all opportunities that you have to raise income. Have you considered enterprising your mission? Whether you are funded mainly by voluntary or statutory income …read more and book

  • Developing Your Case for Support

    Full day course, 23rd November, London The importance to your organisation of a clear, concise and compelling Case for Support is vital to your success in securing donors and supporters. Simply put, telling a compelling story effectively, at the right …read more and book

  • Legacy Fundraising

    Full day course, 23rd November, London Legacies provide around £1.9 billion income for charities every year and should be a key part of any charity’s funding mix. In 2008, 15.8% of wills contained a charitable bequest, compared with 9.5% in …read more and book

  • Supporting and Managing Volunteers

    Full day course, 23rd November, London On average, two-fifths of adults volunteer formally once a year and a quarter of adults volunteer at least once a month. The value that volunteering adds to the UK economy is in excess of …read more and book

  • Developing Corporate Relationships

    Full day course, 23rd November, London This course has been designed to help you and your charity understand the opportunities for engaging with and working with companies. The course will look at the different ways in which companies may get …read more and book

  • Stewardship – Retaining & Maintaining Donors

    Full day course, 23rd November, London Stewardship is an often overlooked process but is critical to your charity. Stewardship is a mindset, a philosophical commitment to the way you value your donors and supporters – your tool to build and …read more and book