Fundraising Qualifications from the FSI

The FSI is pleased to offer qualifications in Fundraising Practice at Diploma, Certificate and Introductory level.  Whether you are a large, well-established charity or a small grassroots community group, the need for expertise in fundraising has never been greater.  Our qualifications will ensure that you are ready to meet the increasing demand for skilled and experienced fundraisers in our sector.

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Diploma in Fundraising Practice A comprehensive qualification that is designed for current and aspiring fundraising managers and leaders, as well as senior managers who have a responsibility for fundraising. In addition to building your fundraising skills and knowledge, the Diploma will expand your knowledge of governance and will provide an insight into organisational sustainability, impact measurement and reporting and project management.   Accredited to SQCF Level 8 (QCF Level 5) – made up of 7 units delivering 49 credits.
Cost: £2,290 (split payment options available, 20% discount for FSI Members).

Certificate in Fundraising Practice  This qualification has been developed to support fundraising professionals to demonstrate and expand their fundraising skills. As well as key fundraising concepts, this qualification will provide a choice of two specialist topics that are relevant to your role and aspirations, with a choice from Community Fundraising, Corporate Relationships, Direct Donor Marketing, Events Fundraising, Legacy Fundraising, Major Donors, Trusts and Foundations.  Accredited to SQCF Level 8 (QCF Level 5) – made up of 5 units delivering 33 credits.
Cost: £1,450 (split payment options available, 20% discount for FSI members)

Introduction to Fundraising Practice  Ideal for those new to fundraising or seeking a career in the charity sector.  This will provide learners with an introduction to key fundraising concepts and skills. It comprises two modules on developing a fundraising strategy and developing a case for support. Accredited to SQCF Level 6 (QCF Level 3) – made up of 2 units delivering 12 credits.
Cost: £360

Any Questions?  If you have any questions or would like to know more about Fundraising Qualifications with the FSI, please contact our Development team on development@thefsi.org or telephone 020 7324 4777.

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