Whatever your needs we believe we have a learning opportunity for you both on-line (includes videos) and face to face.  If you can’t find what you are looking for drop us a line and let us know.  Our aim is to bring you the support that you need as a small and local charity or community group.  All of our courses online and offline are heavily subsidised. This year we are more than doubling the number of learning opportunities available combining 1591 FSI learning opportunities for all small, local, international charities and community groups with 2571 made possible through the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport training for small and local charities and community groups programme.

Check out what’s on offer as together with our partners Localgiving, Charities Finance Group and Small Charities Coalition we will be delivering over 4,000 learning opportunities between April 2017 and March 2018 in 17 locations across the UK.  See below for more information or use the drop down tabs from the Service Menu.

Unsure which learning opportunity would be best for you?  Take our diagnostic test.

Go to the drop down tabs on the website for more detailed information:


November 2017: Face to Face Training Central London; Face to Face Workshops; Advice Clinic turnover >100K; Advice Hub turnover <100K

December 2017: Online Webinars (30 minute and 1.5 hours); Face to Face Training York and Oxford; Advice Clinic turnover >100K; Advice Hub turnover <100K

January 2018: Online Webinars (30 minute and 1.5 hours); Face to Face Training Central London, Southampton, Swindon; Face to Face Workshops Southampton and Swindon; Advice Clinic turnover >100K; Advice Hub turnover <100K

February 2018: Online Webinars (30 minute); Face to Face Training Manchester, Birmingham (Solihull) and Central London; Advice Clinic turnover >100K; Advice Hub turnover <100K

March 2018: Face to Face Training Newcastle, Norwich, York, Central London, Bristol and Plymouth; Face to Face Workshops Newcastle, Norwich, York, Bristol and Plymouth; Advice Clinic turnover >100K; Advice Hub turnover <100K

  • On-line Webinars are usually launched for bookings 3-5 days before the webinar is scheduled
  • Training is usually launched for bookings 8-12 weeks before the training is scheduled
  • Advice Hub: Dates are released 2 weeks in advance
  • Advice Clinics take place monthly
  • If you would like to view our online videos please go to the Online Learning tab under Services and see what is currently available to view.
  • Courses are taken down post training event
  • Links:  General Resources, Fundraising Resources, Short Videos
  • We are also offering Mentoring Support from Local Giving and Small Charities Coalition, small and local charities and community groups attending training sessions will be identified for mentoring support