Brexit Research

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Great Repeal Bill White Paper

Brexit: Implications for small and local charities and community groups


Just under 12 months after the country voted for Brexit the negotiations, which will shape the future in the UK, will start.  We are embarking into the unknown.  And so at this time it is important that small and local charities and community groups, those working each day embedded in communities across the UK are part of the debate.

Brexit will have an impact, on charities who are concerned about the potential consequences of Brexit.  Their key concerns are focussed around funding, the preservation of EU rights and legislation, especially relating to human rights, employment, equality and environmental protections and working life in the UK

Small and local charities and community groups want to be part of the debate and so we recommend that:

  • Government be open, transparent and visible as they debate changes to UK policy and the law.
  • That they open clear channels of communication between themselves and small charities to ensure that their voices are heard and listened too.
  • To plan for the reduction in funding from the EU by engaging with other public and private funders and their representative bodies to investigate alternative sources of funding post Brexit.
  • Lastly we urge all small and local charities and community groups to enter the debate, speak to those in their community and represent the views and issues of their beneficiaries.
    • Charities have a long tradition of speaking out on behalf of the most vulnerable in our society
    • For mobilizing opinion and
    • For changing the law

It is vital over the coming months that we continue this strong tradition to shape the future and ensure that the concerns and opinions of small and local charities and community groups are heard.”

When 54% of respondents believed that Brexit would have a negative impact on their beneficiaries we hope that this Research provides the starting point from which to engage and play our part in shaping the future.

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