FSI Media Mentions


Third Sector ‘ Government invites small charities to apply for free training sessions‘ 18.11.16

Charity Today News ‘New research shows small charities leaders fear closure’ 09.11.16

UK Fundraising ‘960 learning opportunities for free for Local Charities Day’ 08.11.16

Civil Society Media ‘960 learning opportunities to be made available to mark small charities day‘ 07.11.16

Civil Society Media ‘Government need to start trusting charities, Lords committee told‘ 17.10.16

Third Sector ‘Few charities feel their views on Brexit will be heard‘ 14.10.16

UK Fundraising ‘Small charities express confidence issues following Brexit‘ 13.10.16

UK Fundraising ‘How to build better corporate relationships’ 07.10.16

The Net Cardiff ‘Events’ 30.09.16

Third Force News ‘Training in Scotland’ 30.09.16

Localgiving ‘Free Localgiving membership until the 2016’ 14.09.16

Third Sector ‘Are smaller charities better together?’ 27.09.2016

Sheffield Star ‘Free training to help city charities pull through‘ 12.09.16

Charities Management and Trustee News ‘Small charities should genuinely collaborate with each other’ 28.07.16

Charity Today ‘Society turn to small charities for support’ 20.07.16

UK Fundraising ‘Minister announces Local Charities Day’ 14.07.16

UK Fundraising ‘Small charities top the agenda’ 14.07.16

Third Sector ‘The importance of staff retention’ 10.07.16

The Guardian ‘The Guardian Charity Awards Judges’ 06.06.16

Huffington Post ‘Is there a future for small INGOs in the UK?‘ 16.05.2016

Civil Society ‘Report: Small charities at risk of closure because they won’t collaborate’ 15.06.16

Third Sector ‘Small charities not collaborating enough, report warns’ 15.06.16

The Guardian ‘Small charities must team up to avoid closure, says report’ 15.06.16

UK Fundraising ‘Small charities should collaborate to stay afloat says FSI’ 15.06.2016

Charity Today News ‘Small Charities should rely on each other to stay afloat’ 15.06.16

The Fundraiser ‘How to successfully manage a small charity’ 02.06.16

Civil Society ‘Sector suffering because charities failing to collaborate’ 18.05.16

Charity Today ‘Stumped over Social Impact Bonds’ 18.05.16

Third Sector ‘Large increase in demand reported by small charities’ 17.05.16

Homeless.org ‘Fundraising Training’ 15.03.16

The Guardian ‘A quick guide to Fundraising Strategy’  14.03.16

Prospects ‘Working for a small charity’ 01.02.16

Charity Choice ‘How to make that first call to a potential corporate partner’ 02.03.16

Civil Society ‘Many small charity trustees don’t know what they are supposed to be governing’ 10.02.16

UK Fundraising ‘Cabinet Office launches training for small charities’ 08.01.16

Charity Choice ‘For UK charities, 2016 will be the year of…?‘ 05.01.16