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Local Charities encouraged to #AskTheFundraiser

19 Dec 2016

Local Charities encouraged to #AskTheFundraiser The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) are running a lunchtime Twitter Q&A with an expert panel of fundraisers on Local Charities Day, supported by Office for Civil Society. Taking place on 16 December between 1pm-3pm the Twitter Q&A will see the FSI answer any fundraising query in the hope of supporting small, local charities on the day. Charities can submit ... Read more »

960 learning opportunities up for grabs on Local Charities Day

19 Nov 2016

960 learning opportunities up for grabs on Local Charities Day As part of the Office for Civil Society’s ‘Local Charities Day’, Rob Wilson MP has announced today that the Foundation for Social Improvement will deliver 960 learning opportunities for free across the UK. In the weeks leading up to the day, the Local Charities Training Programme will see the FSI deliver over 560 face to ... Read more »

FSI Learning

8 Nov 2016

Reflections on ‘A Conversation About Strategy and Resilience’ The FSI hosted its first ‘A Conversation About’ event with CEOs and senior managers from 25 small charities where we were very lucky to be hosted on a beautiful day at Blackbaud’s offices overlooking the Thames and Tower Bridge. We heard from three speakers on Strategy and Resilience in the charity sector as well as having a ... Read more »


21 Oct 2016

Pauline Broomhead, CEO at the FSI, discusses the most recent Skills Gap Survey and how we can work together to skill up small charities. In today’s economic climate, donors want to know that the £1 they give is spent effectively on the causes they are passionate about.  Equally at a time when small charities and local community groups are experiencing a significant increase in demand ... Read more »

Small charities are worried about Brexit

19 Oct 2016

Small charities are worried about Brexit This quarter’s Small Charity Index from the Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI), shows that over a third (37%) of small charity leaders are not at all confident about their future following the Brexit vote. Interestingly, this is not due to small charities receiving huge amounts of funding from the EU. Only 28% receive funding from the EU and of ... Read more »


10 Oct 2016

Neil Chadwick from our valued partner Liberty Accounts discusses the value of budgeting and how it can be straightforward for small charities. Budgets – do we really need them? Screams can be heard across the UK, it’s comes to that time of year again – budget time! Why is it important to budget? Yes we want to demonstrate good stewardship to trustees, regulators and supporters ... Read more »

Society turns to small charities for support

18 Jul 2016

With uncertain times ahead, people are increasingly turning to small charities for support. Research from The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) shows that demand for services of small charities continues to increase. In the last three months, 62 per cent of small charity respondents indicated an increase in demand for their services. Since the Small Charity Index report began in June 2013 it has surveyed ... Read more »

Small charities are top of the agenda

18 Jul 2016

  Political leaders will meet with the charity sector this week to discuss how to further giving to small and local charities. Taking place Thursday 14 June, the round table will put small charities at the top of the agenda for the first time by bringing together leaders from civil society, charities, businesses, and policy makers to discuss the future of giving in the sector. ... Read more »

Over 2000 small charities turn up for Small Charity Week

6 Jul 2016

A staggering 2051 small charities took part in the events during Small Charity Week 13-18 June this year. 1791 people pledged their support during I Love Small Charities Day, 13 June, with 1478 individuals submitting photos and reaching over one million through a Thunderclap, causing #SmallCharityWeek to trend on Twitter for seven hours. The digital campaign #Ilovesmallcharities called upon fans of small charities to post ... Read more »

Business professionals deliver 564 hours of free advice

6 Jul 2016

  Business professionals across the UK teamed up to deliver 564 hours of free advice to small charities on Big Advice Day of Small Charity Week. A range of volunteers from the accountancy, HR, retail, finance, communications and legal sectors came together at the Foundation for Social Improvement’s Advice Hub at City Hall and at events across the UK to offer free tailored one-to-one advice ... Read more »