Our Impact

Impact Report 2014 2015It is important that all charities demonstrate to their beneficiaries and their donors and supporters the impact they make with the funds given to them.  The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI) is no exception.  We strive each year to demonstrate to you, our beneficiaries, donors and supporters how we have used the money raised to give maximum impact to small charities across the UK.

We hope that you enjoy reading our 2014/15 Impact Report: The art of the possible. We hope, like us, you think that we have spent our funds wisely and have delivered as much support as possible to our members.

Our thanks go to all of the individuals and organisations whose support makes all of our work with small charities possible.  Our amazing team of Trustees, donors and supporters, businesses that sponsor our activities and our amazing volunteer trainers, speakers and advisors who donate their time and expertise freely. And last but by no means least, the small but amazing staff team at the FSI.

FSI Impact Report 2014/15

FSI Annual Accounts 2014/15


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